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The Alchemist's Hero

My Thesis in Utility AI Theory

The main character of this RPG plays the game by itself, and makes all their future decisions based on the characteristic attributes set previously by the player.

Just create your character, hit play, and watch the procedural journey/story unfold.

Game Design Animatics are how I conceptualize certain game mechanics for presentations, meetings, pitches... 

Game Design & Scripting & AI - Todd Rad

Directed a team of around 10 people to help bring some of the  art and sounds to life..

The world's are generated per character. Starting the player off in a fixed small neutral town. The new character will begin to explore this new town, and their following actions based on their character attributes can range from talking to other NPC’s to trade for loot or randomly generated dungeon quests, to attacking said NPC’s and taking their gear. 

Aside from selecting stats to add to their character traits, players will have the ability to influence their characters actions mid game, by dropping rare coins of influence in the area of interest the player wishes their character to interact with. The amount of influence these coins give off is based directly on the "Faith" attribute of the Players NPC.

This game I am designing requires as little player interaction as possible while still providing as much controlled replay-ability as possible. Similar to the butterfly effect, making a few small choices earlier on in the game could potentially cause dramatically different results far into the character’s journey

A lot of games rely too much on giving the player a vast variety of things to do in terms of player gameplay interactions, however, there usually isn’t much variety when it comes to the reactions of those interactions. Often times making the players choice feel impact less.