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Project *Shroud

Psychological Asymmetrical Horror Multiplayer FPS, with 5 armed swat members against a single Wraith only uses mind tricks to get the enemy swat team to kill each other out of fear. (Ask me directly about the more in-depth, unpublished mechanics)

Unreal Engine 4 Unannounced Asymmetrical  Horror Multiplayer Game - Project Shroud. 

Prototype Wraith & Egg

Character model sculpted in zbrush ontop of Mixamo base. Texturing in Substance Painter/Designer, animated shaders in Ue4

Designed to go in and out of invisibility via smoke effects, and respawn from her previously planted, hidden nest whenever killed.

Character model zbrush sculpted off mixamo base.
Particle fx & Environment level design done with online assets.

Design lead, Concept art, Shroud model and Shaders - Todd Rad

Programming - Yash Verma

Animated Concept art I created in order to better demonstrate the fx required by the game-play.

(The Shroud's damage is tied to her visibility as she does more damage the more she reveals herself. The smoke appears beforehand as a warning and to potentially strike fear)

Concept Art & Textures By Todd Rad.

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