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Contract: REDACTED

Play as a hitman in a semi-open world environment. Players use various tools to accomplish the mission their way while the Ai guards go about their daily loops. Disguise as a bartender and poison your targets drink, or physically sneak a weapon in behind your back and go guns blazing. Designed around feeling fully in control and fully in power effortlessly.

The result is the combined flashiness of John Wick and the grittiness of the Punisher rolled into one experience as shown in the trailer below.

Contract: REDACTED -Trailer

Contract: REDACTED -Trailer

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Lead Design (Combat & Multiplayer Focus), UE4 Blueprint Scripting,  Art Direction, Animation & Physics blending, various AI loops, Character Interactions, Reloading mechanics, Damage Marker System, & Asymmetrical Multiplayer Gameplay Design.

 ~Todd Rad

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VR game loop starts off with the player selecting a contract from a list of generated missions. Upon selecting the contract the player wishes to play, they will select their loadout of equipment/weapons based on what they've unlocked so far, then open the front door to load to the next level.


On mission start, a VIP target is generated along with a few bodyguards surrounding him and a picture of him is sent to the Players in game phone. The player is to open up their phone and use the picture to compare with people around them in the environment to find their target.


Upon finding and confirming the target by taking a picture of the VIP, the player is now free to decide on how they wish to proceed on this mission, and eliminate the VIP target.

*Game is built using the VR Expansion Plugin for Unreal 4. Character animations and physics systems are built on top of a modified mix of the Advanced Locomotion System v3 and Ikinema Runtime systems for Unreal Engine 4.

Environment, Character, & Fx assets were provided.

The Two Multiplayer Modes I have designed

(brief Descriptions):

Cat & Mouse:

1 v 1, PC vs VR

PC Player becomes marked as a VIP and has to survive as long as possible while moving around the map completing objectives set in line with their Character to gain Spendable Currency.. This can be used to Upgrade Defenses against the Hunter. Think of a Hitman game's VIP target and how they traverse the environment in a somewhat predictable/trackable loop interacting with things in their daily routine.


Spendable points can be used on upgrades such as active cameras that ping the location of the Hunter if they are undisguised or heavy armor for all guards/bodyguards.

The VR player becomes the Hunter and is given a photo of the VIP target's randomly generated face Which they can check at anytime with their in game phone.. The game plays out like a regular single player mission. The VIP target moves around the map completing "tasks", while the Hunter needs to find a way to get close and take out the VIP hopefully without being seen and blending in with the NPC's around them.


Disguising, pick pocketing, physical interaction, and all other tools are still available at the VR players disposal.

Come & Get Me:

8 V 1

(4v4) v 1

Two Teams of Mercenary PC players competing to kill the 1 VR player and be the team to collect the dropped cash.

Each team of mercenaries respawn up to 100 times, then it's over. The VR player can only die once.

Essentially a classic "Wave Shooter" but the cannon fodder NPC's are actually other PC players the VR player is able to slaughter. The game essentially, for PC Players, becomes a horror game in the perspective of mercenaries attempting to hunt down a "John Wick" type character with seemingly supernatural capabilities.


Whether it be with stealth kills, physically performing their own executions with their hands in VR, grabbing one players hand and aiming their gun towards their teammate as they fire, or just knocking everyone out while in Disguise.


It's up to the VR Player to Survive until they kill 100 PC players.

As for the PC players, they can choose to work together or against, as the cash reward is split amongst the survivors if and when the VR player is Killed.

Some previous quickly made prototypes, trying to get an overall feel of the combat loop during the first month of development.  Left is a quick single player setup against basic ai. And some early proof of concept for Vr vs Pc player physics based interaction, in a 1 vs 2 player scenario.