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Retro Batman

Fan Game

Retro Batman

Unreal Engine 4, I created a game where I took old sprites and placed them in an Unreal game built from scratch, and a graphically updated environment for aesthetic experimentation.
Fast paced gameplay with impactful melee. Batarangs are non lethal, so throwing multiple at once makes sense as a mechanic. Landing all three is a knockdown, however timing is key.. Getting up and close with melee will do the same damage as a batarang but with the added benefit of stunning the victim for a longer duration.

Stealth is a must for Batman, so crouching in the shadows allows for enemies to lose track of your position. However moving will let them see you again. Dropping down on unsuspecting enemies results in knockout as well. 

Standard wall jumping will suffice in some areas, however if the wall had nudges or something sticking out of the wall, this allows for a much higher wall jump.

Game design, Environment and Scripting - Todd Rad -  5 week project.

Sprites from old abandon-ware games.

Some materials provided by Ue4 engine.

Some Modified Batman Sprites - Todd Rad

Some progress shots of level design, scripting, shader improvements.

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