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Combat Reaction Testing:

Testing hit reactions, using physics blending, to ensure almost every hit is unique and different from the last. This helps negate repetitiveness in a combat loop.

TopDown Action RPG Combat, Movement & Control Scheme

This unique control scheme allows for Attacking targets and Moving around simultaneously using only the Mouse.

I wanted to create a control scheme that plays out like any third person controller game, however with the ability to do so with only a single mouse controller.

On the right are the basic control schemes setup.

Combat and UE4 blueprint design by Todd Rad, built on top of an UE4 top down movement template.

- Art assets provided via Unreal Market

Base Control Setup (Mouse)

Left Mouse Down: Move to click location Unless clicked onto an Attackable Target such as a crate, door, or enemy.

Right Mouse Down: Aim/Ready Attack (Will prep weapon for attack (raise sword/notch bow), and rotate towards mouse location.


Right Mouse Up: Release Attack (Swing blade, Shoot Arrow) Horizontally towards Mouse Click Direction, Unless clicked on an Attackable Target such as Crate, door, or enemy, then the attack is fired directly towards the target's location.. 


Middle Mouse Down: Ready/Aim Ability


Middle Mouse Up: Release Fire ability towards mouse click direction. Ie: Rolling towards mouse location.


Mouse Wheel up/down: Scroll Through available abilities. 

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